Retail Display Ltd Letter Cages

We are very proud of our Retail Display Ltd letter cages, which we are renowned for, as they are widely used throughout the UK. As with all of our products, they are designed, manufactured and finished in our factory using the latest technology and machinery available.

Retail Display Ltd letter cages are all produced in the UK!

Letter Cages White
This model is the white polythene letter cage which is widely used as a practical solution in many homes across the UK.
Letter Cages Brass
Our range also includes the electro brass style finish letter cage which is featured above. We also produce in Chrome plated finish.
folding letter cage
This model can be folded to improve efficiency and practicality. This letter cage is produced in White Polythene.

Letter Cages

The small, medium and large letter cages are available in a white polythene, electro brass style or chrome finish.

letter cage small
Small No. 62/S
H:310mm, W:230mm, D:120mm
letter cage medium
Medium No. 62/M
H:365mm, W:280mm, D:150mm
letter cage large
Large No. 62/L
H:455mm, W:330mm, D:200mm

letter cage folding

Folding No. 62/FC
H:394mm, W:304mm
Available in a white polythene finish.